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Serve Africa operates through local volunteers to rescue people from the poverty trap by providing education, training, and counseling. The focus of our work is two large villages at Mbalala, 10 miles northeast of Kampala in Uganda. ​These villages, also known as the Kivuuvu Camps A and B, are made up of 400 adults and 600 children, most of whom are refugees who fled the fighting in the north of the country.

This is what we’ve achieved since 2005:

·          Drilled a borehole so there is a supply of clean water. Previously the water was contaminated

·          Provided rainwater capture facilities

·          Built latrines, and provided training in health and hygiene

·          Provided healthy cooking facilities, so that the villagers are not affected by smoke 

·          Built a primary school classroom

·          Sponsored dozens of children through secondary school, providing food and lodgings

·          In-house training of young adults in business skills: construction workers; tailoring; craft

·          Sponsored young adults to attend college: administration; car mechanics; plumbing; electricians

·          Provided counselling to villagers who have been traumatised by wars in Northern Uganda

·          Supplied medical help

·          Provided transport because the two villages are remote from services

·          Set up a computing facility to train school leavers in the user of IT

·          Installed swings, roundabout and play equipment which the children love!!!


We are making a real difference but the need remains huge. We would so welcome your support.


Bore Hole Construction

Bore Hole Construction
Serve Africa,  with the help of financial support from Water for Kids, has installed a borehole which enables fresh water to be constantly obtained from a deep groundwater source.

Charity No:1150759


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